Cancer cell If the enemy of my enemy is my friend, than we should all be friends when it comes to fighting cancer. So we can:

  • Prevent it in the first place.
  • Have those diagnosed experience less pain & side effects.
  • Find a cure.

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To do these things it will take more:

  • Questions and research.
  • Awareness and preparedness.
  • Oversight and action.
  • Constructively challenging each other and working together.


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My name is Jeff Schubert and I started this website after my mother’s passing from cancer. Like far too many, I was shocked by what I learned, and where we are in terms of treatment and care.

As an artist, I do not have the scientific brainpower of teenage inventor Jack Andraka. So I’m developing a multi-media assault on cancer, which includes the web show, Cancer A – Z, a documentary, Coming Together To Fight Cancer, blogs, music, PSA’s and a book.

I know we can be doing better on many fronts and this is my part, my effort, to not just walk away and leave it be as someone else’s problem.

Cancer is on its way to being the leading killer in the U.S. (it’s second now, and already first worldwide) My sincere hope is that you will not have to be shocked and disheartened the way too many others and I have been.

Check out the blog and interview section, there are pieces that may help prepare, inform and suggest things that may be useful.  Please comment on those pages if you are so inspired.

You can read about other projects I’m developing by clicking on the appropriate tab.

For now please check out, sign, and share this petition with as many people as possible. It urges congress to hold congressional oversight hearings into what is being done (and not being done) to prevent, treat and cure cancer…