On July 23rd, 2013, my mother passed away as a result of a rare form of cancer called Cholangiocarcinoma (bile duct cancer).  I was beyond devastated.

I’ve been told that because the diagnosis was made in April of 2013, and she passed a few months later in July, that she, and I, were lucky.  Somehow watching my mother be tortured and ravaged by this disease for “only” three months didn’t feel lucky.

While Coming Together To Fight Cancer (CTTFC) is inspired by my mother, it is not about her.  No.  This isn’t about the victim.  It’s about the killer.  Cancer.

The objectives for the documentary are ambitious but very attainable.  Its goals are to:

  1. Inform and prepare the public for the one in three probability of a cancer diagnosis affecting their lives.
  2. Look at how and where hospitals, doctors, nurses, pharmaceutical companies, the government, and all of us as individuals can do better.
  3. Spark changes that will help save, or extend life, and make for a better quality of life.
  4. Eliminate or reduce needless suffering for those diagnosed with cancer and their loved ones.

It didn’t have to be the way it was for my mother and my family.   And it shouldn’t be that way for anyone else’s.  CTTFC is about doing its part to see that it isn’t.

To make this project happen, we will need your help.

My professional experience in the entertainment industry includes a tremendous amount of research and interviewing.  Combine that with a passion and commitment for this project and I am supremely confident that CTTFC will have the ability to save lives and foster change.

I hope you are a part of it!

The Q & A videos, FAQs, and other pages on this site explain the project and my background further.

For now please check out, sign, and share this petition with as many people as possible. It urges congress to hold congressional oversight hearings into what is being done (and not being done) to prevent, treat and cure cancer…