People spend a lot of time on facebook. Me? Guilty as charged. On fb I have:

  1. Reconnected with old friends from high school and college.
  2. Promoted projects.
  3. Read and posted lots of interesting and educational articles/blogs.
  4. Received solutions to tech issues I posted.
  5. Read and posted some good (sometimes childish) humor.

So this post is not about Facebook bashing… But… like life, Facebook can be what you make of it. And sometimes I wonder if people use it too frequently as escapism and not enough as the powerful galvanizing tool it can be. 

For example, a post about passing gas can oftentimes get ten to twenty times more views and likes than a post about health or science that can have a huge impact on you or your family…

So, for your consideration… If you’re on Facebook and you have time to:

10- Look for the first three words you see in the puzzle.

9- Write the one word that describes your ex.

8- Guess, debate, or argue about if the dress is white and gold, or black and blue. 

7- Figure out what your band or stripper name is.

6- Frequently make and post Meme’s.



5- Post partisan rant after rant to people who already agree with you.

4- Troll other people’s posts.

3- Share inspirational quotes daily.

2- Post breaking world, political, and entertainment news that has been or will be shared 10 thousand times in the next 10 seconds.

1- Change you default picture again… and again… and again. (In the same day.) 

Then maybe you have time to read and consider signing and sharing this petition urging congress to hold oversight hearings into the prevention, treatment, and cure for cancer.

I truly believe in this petition with all of my heart. But hey, if you read it and it is not for you, I understand.

However, I would still encourage you to find your own way to challenge cancer, a disease that possesses a 50% chance of impacting your life or that of someone you love.

If not cancer, pick a cause near and dear to you and use Facebook, and other powerful social media tools, for something meaningful in addition to the many other good, fun and distracting uses fb has.  

Well, I was going to say something else that I think might be of interest to you, but it is getting late and I want to pick out my next flashback Thursday picture.

Oh and PS, the first three words I saw in the puzzle were: Hopeful, proud, ghoul. Yikes!