So it has been about a month since I started this petition urging congress to hold oversight hearings into the prevention, treatment, and cure for cancer. I want to sincerely thank again all of those who have responded so far, and those who went one step further and shared the petition with others.

Your signing means a lot to me personally. But more importantly, every e-signature, your e-signature, brings us one signer closer to hopefully making a big difference in fighting a disease that will have 1 in 2 men and 1 and 3 women hit with the words no one wants to hear… You have cancer.

For those who have not read or signed the petition, I would like to share just some of the email responses* I have received from people who have. (I edited out some of the personal condolences to me about my moth

I have lost friends and family to cancer, and the questions raised and transparency requested on your site make good sense. Thank you for forwarding. I will sign the petition… D.C.

Of course I signed your petition. Gladly. I too lost my Mother to this horrible disease. In 1977, my precious Mother was only 37 years old and Ovarian cancer robbed her of her life and dreams and left her 5 children without a mother… J.R.

Done. I support this wholeheartedly. I contracted breast cancer in 2003 and was told it was 8-10 years old… O.W.

I appreciate your efforts and I wish you tender mercies, joyous memories and strong resolve to continue campaigning against the disease…E.C.

Thank you for creating this! I signed!… V.B.

Hi Jeff! Thank you so much for bringing this petition to my attention. I’ve signed it and will be sharing it as well! So sorry for your loss. That is simply tragic. My heart goes out to you & all cancer victims. Best of luck!! …M.R.

Hi Jeff, I feel for you and your mother. I lost 7 significantly close family members to cancer and heart disease. I am currently fighting breast cancer. I signed the petition. Best regards…. C.H.

No prob-I lost my dad & sister to cancer as well-whats your email I will send you my book… D.L.

I will sign the petition you sent me and will share so others see it and sign it as well. I wish you the best of luck and really appreciate you are reaching to fight for a cure… R.U.

I agree 100% and signed the petition. I also think that the billions of dollars to cancer “research” that people raise money for is questionable, in particular I’d like to know where that research is in terms of progress… S.H.

Cancer is a terrible thing and I’ve seen it take the life of more than a few. A girlfriend’s father included when she was just in her early 20’s. Why in this day and age we haven’t made major headway in treatment is a very hard question. I’d be honored to sign your petition and re-post it…. D.J.

Hey Jeff!! yeah, cancer has affected my family on so many levels. I’m so happy to know that you’re leading this needed crusade against, what has become a drawn-out process to cure cancer. the root causes are not clear yet either (is the food we eat? the water? the air? the chemicals in everyday life?) and the way to treat it is still so clunky. for all the money pouring in, you’d think there’s be more progress… H.C.

Unfortunately, cancer is not just in the rear view mirror. It is beside us and in front of us. It’s not hypothetical, and it does not negotiate.  We can do more, and be more, so much more efficient. And it’s not about money. Knowing this. Knowing what’s ahead in terms of pain and suffering for millions of people in the years to come motivates me.  I hope it does you too.

Please read, share and spread the word about this petition. If nothing else take some time to learn about ways you can prevent cancer. Do this for yourself and for the people you love.

You have the power to help do what one respond-er to the petition hopes for:

Thanks man I appreciate it. I pray this petition of yours goes viral… J.W.

Please help make it so…

*Many of the responses included a sentence of condolence about the loss of my mother. I appreciate them but edited most of them out to get to more of what may matter to you. I used their initials in case they prefer anonymity.


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