I sincerely applaud and appreciate the efforts being put forth to find a cure for cancer and to treat those afflicted with it. But we can and need to do more. I started an on-line petition and I sincerely thank those who have e-signed it.  You can read some of their heartfelt responses here.

However, the petition needs more signatures to get the attention of the United States Congress. It needs you.  I understand some may be apprehensive about signing. However, others don’t for reasons I find hard to grasp.  So in an homage to David Letterman…  

These are the top ten reasons I have gathered as to some people’s hesitance:

10 – I know there is about a 50% chance that me or someone I love one will get diagnosed with cancer, but do I really want to risk getting spam email if I sign this petition? (If you think spam is annoying, you are living a charmed life.)

9 – Hey I vote once every four years in presidential elections, what more do you want from me? (Just a little. And this is for you and anyone you care about.)

8 – First it was a friend of mine emailing me something about the environment, now helping to stop cancer?  When will it end?  (If you get diagnosed with cancer maybe sooner than you think.)

7 – Petitions and blogs like these seriously mess with my ability to live in denial, and I will not encourage them by signing this petition! (Unfortunately, denial won’t prevent or cure cancer.)

6 – Hey we all have to die sooner or later, right? (True, but it can be later and not sooner, and not in a painful gruesome way that crushes your spirit, mutilates or disintegrates your body, and takes you from your loved ones far too soon.)

5 – I’m busy now, I’ll look it over later and sign. And by later I mean never! (Well that sucks.)

4 – Lung cancer is only something that affects smokers. (Tell that to the 16 to 24,000 people who die each year who don’t smoke.)

3 – We don’t need this petition, the only reason so many people die from cancer is because we’re living longer. (Then please explain why cancer is the number 2 cause of death for kids aged 5- 14 and adults aged 35-44, and the number one cause for adults 45 to 64. Didn’t realize 45 is sooo old. And 64? That is six years younger than full social security benefits. Better not wait to collect.)

2 – “They” are trying their best. This says the spouse of the doctor who doesn’t wash his hands before surgery killing his patient with an infection. (Hospitals certainly don’t need oversight despite medical error being the number three cause of death in America, right?  See this post about misleading cancer statistics.)

1 – Stop bugging me ! I’m busy right now! I have to change my default picture on Facebook! (On the bright side I think most hospitals get wifi these days so God forbid you or a loved one gets cancer you can continue to update your Facebook peeps from the hospital. And with a brave fight I’m sure you’ll get lots of “likes” and “shares” too… So there is that.)

Sorry for the sarcasm and if any of the above offends you, but when you consider that someone is diagnosed with cancer every 30 seconds and that more people have died from cancer than ALL U.S. wars combined…


…you’ll agree that if more can be done than more should be done.  You’ll note the number of cancer deaths in the image above stops in 2005.  Sadly those numbers continue to increase each year. 

Please. Please consider taking better care of yourself, get appropriate screenings, and at least read and hopefully sign and share this petition to get congress to hold oversight hearing regarding the prevention, treatment and cure for cancer. Let’s makes sure we’re doing all we can.  There are so many lives we can save and or improve, but it won’t happen without you.


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