suitpic_editedSadly, and perhaps predictably, the motivating force behind director Jeff Schubert developing a documentary about cancer is having suffered a personal loss.  A deep thinker and a poet, Schubert kept most of his feelings to himself, but did post a blog about it here.

For CTTFC, Schubert will rely on experience, not sentiment, to produce a project that he hopes will make a difference so that as few people as possible have to share in this tragic experience.

Prior to Coming Together, Schubert was the host/producer of Filmnut, on the leader in live interactive entertainment, thestream.tvSchubert has hosted 142 long-format interviews that can be viewed on-demand @

A sample of notable guests include: Oscar winning writer, Bob Moresco. Emmy winning director, Michael Lembeck.  Oscar winning make-up Artist, Jeff Dawn.  And from the movie Avatar, just prior to its release, actor Joel David Moore.

The skills required to make Filmnut a success…

  1. Booking interview guests.
  2. Researching.
  3. Writing thought-provoking questions.
  4. Making interview subjects feel comfortable.
  5. Being able to adapt on the fly during a live interview.

… Gives Schubert the experience and background necessary for CTTFC.

Originally from NY, Schubert’s background also includes: acting, writing, directing, producing, and stand-up comedy.  A full list of credits can be found on his IMDB page. 

AuthenticYouFINALIn addition to film & television, Schubert published the psychologically provocative self-help ebook “The Authentic You”.  He also maintains a sports and issues blog called Second Take.

Schubert has an undergraduate degree in psychology from the University of Denver, and is certified in massage therapy and hypnosis.

What the industry is saying about Jeff and Filmnut:

I almost forgot I was being interviewed.  It felt more like a conversation with a fellow filmmkaker.  I truly look forward to speaking with Jeff again soon….Bob Moresco, Oscar Winning Writer

I meant what I said. You (Jeff) are the best interviewer that I have ever encountered!!!!… Howard Fine, Acting Coach/Author

Your (Jeff) questions were probing and very good….Robert Davi, Actor

I couldn’t believe an hour went by.  It went extremely fastPatric Verrone, Writers Guild of America West, President

Have enjoyed working with you and your team as well on these appearances.  Hopefully we can do again soon…Bill Brennan, VP NBC Universal

From Viewers of Filmnut:

Sometimes I watch late night talk shows & get bored with the interviews because they just don’t seem real, it was nice to see an interview that was real & more like a conversationNick, from JGAS

The best Renee (O’Connor) interview I have ever seen.  Long and thorough. Hopes she makes another appearance on the show someday….Love Ren, TX user

Does she (Bianca Bezdek-Goodloe) have a book? If not she needs to write one because I’ve gotten more from this interview then all of the books I have ever read…Zero Content, dvx user

I really enjoyed this interview with Clare Carey. Jeff Schubert is a great host and the whole feeling of the show is causal and fun….Terocious, user

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